Digital Marketing

Online Marketing

    web DesignAs of January 2019, there were approximately 1.94 billion websites on the Internet and all of them are vying for first page search results. Fortunately, the search engines use geographical information to break the numbers down to realistic proportions but the competition is still strong for good results placement.

The desire of business to obtain good results in searches has opened the door to many new companies that specialize in Internet Marketing. These services are not cheap and average around $750 - $2,000 monthly. At Citation, we have studied the trends and methods of search engines and the influences of other techniques for Internet Marketing and have developed an affordable Digital Marketing package that is tailored to the specifics of our client's business. We use Search Engine Optimization techniques along with social media to promote company visibility on the web.

Our Packages include:

 Website hosting

 Adding SEO coding and structured data to existing website

 Analytics monitoring and monthly progress reports

 Social media services that include building and maintaining a business Facebook page and one monthly boosted post

This package starts as low as $499 a month. Our current success with this service has many of our clients enjoying first page search engine results and increaseds business! For more information, please call (713) 895-8261.