About Citation Solutions

Citation Solutions, Inc. provides Internet-based applications to businesses, financial institutions and government agencies. We have served the business community for over 40 years with the primary focus of the last 26 years on website development and internet marketing.

Our clients include Fortune 1000 companies, financial institutions, and state and local government agencies. We move quickly and stay focused - delivering what was promised, when it was promised, and with pride!

Our team has achieved an enviable record of customer satisfaction and retention. We appreciate the high rate of client referrals that we have achieved - 90% of all new business!

Company History

Citation Computers, Inc., was founded by Dougles L. Williams in 1974. Mr. Williams was one of the first Directors of Data Processing for the City of Houston under Mayor Louis Welch and in that position, Mr. Williams was instrumental in establishing a computerized method for maintaining the city's census statistics as well as the establishment of traffic control systems.

After leaving the City, Mr. Williams founded Citation Computers and offered one of the first accounting systems to run on a "mini" computer, which stood only as tall as an apartment-sized refrigerator, and yet performed many of the same functions as the large, room-sized mainframe computer systems of that time. Citation provided a total solution: hardware, software packages, customizations, and most importantly, training and data conversion.

1996 Citation Internet Consulting Group (CICG) was founded as a division of Citation Computers, Inc.

CICG specialized in Internet development and systems integration for financial institutions and manufacturers, including web site development, project management and intranet development.

Upon the death of Mr. Williams in 1997,Citation Computers, Inc. was headed by Mr. Williams' son, Lorin Williams and daughter, Leilani Doyle. Lorin Williams continued to head up CICG and Citation Consulting and Ms. Doyle became president of Citation Solutions, Inc.

"The new name reflected the company's focus on solutions for its clients across all platforms," stated Leilani Doyle. "Particularly exciting client deliveries have been solutions for corporate eCommerce initiatives and custom software development for financial institutions."

Citation Solutions is now continuing the same philosophy under the new president, Margie Seaman, and the client list has continued to grow. Ms. Seaman is dedicated to the policies of service, integrity, and the building of business partnerships. Through the development of custom designed web sites, Citation's goal is to work with our customers to help them grow their businesses and realize organizational objectives for business development.

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